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We Bring Innovation Into
Making Significant Change!

The Full Story

Coaching the Artist Way does not offer out-of-the-box products.

Each Coaching experience or Life changing program is personally curated and developed by Christina. When you step into any of our programs, you will unfold and grow as a new person. You will create art that will help you to reconnect with your inner child,  even if you do not have to have ANY artistic abilities, in fact, if you really do not want to partake in the art side of things that is totally ok with us.

But let me say here...

Creating Art fills your soul in a remarkable way, and if you don't give it a go, you will be missing out on so much. Using your hands makes a connection within you, the connection from your hands to your heart then goes into your brain, & before you know it you are thinking creatively, solving previously difficult problems, and reaping the benefits of operating from a place where your bucket is full. Artists call this flow and it is a great place to discover, work and play from. Participating in art creation also heals the soul, and it helps the heart to express its emotions. Often when we are stuck, we feel like there is nothing that we can do to move forward, Coaching The Artist Way, helps you to creatively solve the gaps that are keeping you stuck, and supports you as you move forward and closer to your goals.

Watercolor Paint

Engaging with Christina gives you the freedom to Unleash the greatness within you and monumentally move in the direction of your dreams. If you have ever wished for something that seems totally impossible, but your heart burns at the thought of doing it or creating it, then you have found the right place to land. I would like to welcome you, and invite you to step through the door and start your journey

Are you ready to embrace change & unlock your wildest dreams?

When you choose to work with Christina you receive all of the support, encouragement, tools and creativity you need to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

What does 12 months from today look like for you? If you would like to learn how to get there quicker, book a discovery call below, it is totally complimentary.


Meet Christina

Christina is the founder of Coaching The Artist Way a Creative Mindset Coach, she helps Women & Carers Unfold their own magnificence while reconnecting with their Creativity

Coaching The Artist Way believes that  ALL Abilities should have the opportunity to pursue a creative pathway & whole-heartedly express themselves

Christina is a qualified Visual Artist & Life Coach

Teaching classes across Australia & around the World

Christina is also a Peer Support Advocate for Carers of loved ones with a mental illness diagnosis & has over 30 years of experience in the field


Christina has run multiple businesses, a bricks & mortar store, an online store & coaching practice, as well as multiple community development ideas including  a 100-stallholder creative community market

Christina uniquely combines Therapeutic Art and evidence-based Coaching to bring a fresh new experience that facilitates meaningful change from the inside out

Christina's unique experience & personalized approach nurtures your mind, body & soul. 

Her unique bespoke service will help you to gain clarity, overcome obstacles & step into the life you envisioned


If you desire significant change, prefer to do things differently, and you like to play while you learn then this is the right place for you 

Christina x Signature Transparent.png

Coaching The Artist Way is not just a business it's a Mission

Being a good coach doesn't come out of a book or a weekend class, it takes years of practice, a lifetime of experience along with a servant's heart for your clients.

Before I became a coach, I was an ordinary human with a whole load of baggage and a lifetime of disappointment.


My journey to this perfect place was definitely via the scenic route, it was filled with bad choices, after which I made more bad choices, followed by some really stupid choices, a pinch of ignorance, and a dose of uneducated calculations.

I came from a place of fear and I thought that I had no choices and that life just dished up what it did and I had to swallow what was in front of me and make the most of it.

But then I turned 40, I watched the back of my second husband walk away from our home and our marriage and I thought

“Shit” what am I going to do now? And then I realized for the very first time in my life I actually had a choice to choose where I went next and what I did and it absolutely scared the life out of me, so much so that I sat on the couch for 10 years letting things happen to me, ill health, devastating mental health issues with my beautiful son, and a total lack of understanding of what I could do. I was stuck, immobilized with fear and doubting my own ability to even socialize.

Image by Fernando @cferdophotography
Image by Debby Hudson
Image by Vonecia Carswell

It took all of my strength to get up off the couch and design a life that I love, a lot of education, and a lot of creative thinking, and I cannot recommend the scenic route unless you like wasting time and delaying what you really love for no good reason.

I have learned that if you want something to be different in your life you have to do something different and that, is exactly what I did, one decision at a time, one moment, one day, one foot in front of the other.


If you want to look at life differently, and if you are ready to make changes and start receiving what you truly know you deserve, then I would like to invite you to join me on this wonderful journey, called creating a life that you love.

I am building a community of people who want to change their circumstances and start living their very best lives, with joy, abundance & gratitude & love.


A group of people who do not lack in anything; a community of learners and leaders who through artistic expression will help to put art supplies in the hands of everyone around the world, whoever had a dream and dared to draw it. When you work with me you are contributing to my Mission: To Artistically Change the World.

If this sounds like you? Welcome friend, together we can achieve great things

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