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Artistic Transformation

Artistic Transformation is a Bespoke Art Class offered by Coaching the Artist Way, for people who would like to explore art while unlocking their creative & personal potential.

We provide a supportive and collaborative environment where you can gather with like-minded students and create beautiful works of art from the heart.


You will also enjoy the thrill and excitement of exploring your version of creativity as each participant enjoys their very own personalized program of creativity.


Join us today and discover the joy & healing power of creative expression without limits!



Welcome to Artistic Transformation


Christina Johns 

Christina Johns is a professionally trained artist, Dip. Visual Arts Fine Arts, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, & highly trained life coach. Christina's unique life experience & personalized approach to teaching nurtures your mind, body & soul.

Christina firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a creative pathway and wholeheartedly express themselves.

Christina is passionately driven to empower her students  to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, & imagine a life without limits.

Participants of All Abilities Welcome

You will start your club class by painting an acrylic canvas and learning Christina's signature painting technique you will then explore your choice of art mediums to suit your own interests, 

Each Class includes a shared lunch and the opportunity to participate in a relaxed social environment with like-minded people

Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Journalling, Collage, Sculpture, Drawing, Design, Calligraphy, Rubber Stamping, Stenciling, Zentangle, Altered books, Hand Made Books, Illustration, Slow Stitching

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At Artistic Transformation, we do not offer cardboard cut-out classes, where everyone follows the teacher and you create the same thing. We know that people are individually unique, and we are most passionate about helping you to discover what your artistic voice looks like, sounds like, and feels like.


We believe that everyone can unlock their creative and personal potential when they experience a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment, and that’s what we aim to provide.


Artistic Transformation is designed to be an immersive experience that will open your eyes to all different kinds of art and inspire you to let your creativity flow.


We provide all the supplies you need, and we even include lunch!

Come for the morning, or the afternoon and if you really love it, you can stay, play and enjoy the whole day 


Art Modalities

Handmade Ceramic Cup



Mixed Media



Students start by painting an acrylic canvas in their first class, after we  help them to uncover and  choose what art modality they would like to explore with the expert guidance and assistance of staff.

Enjoying Tacos


At Artistic Transformation, we offer a unique and rewarding experience for participants who want to explore their creative side. Our art classes are designed not only to help our participants build their artistic skills, but also to connect with like-minded people and make new friends. We believe in fostering a sense of community by providing a relaxing  & inviting environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing all parts of themselves. Plus, we offer something a little extra: a delicious shared BBQ chicken roll lunch for all participants, and support workers eat for free!

Wow, What an Amazing Morning, I have just had, it was so incredible, without realising it, we were coached while we were painting. Emotions & stories have come up from my childhood, it has been fun. Imperfectly perfect. I had an amazing time, Christina was awesome. Thank you so much x

Karen Keys

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist



Click the link below to secure your membership to Artistic Transformation.

We will reach out and confirm your booking by phone, and arrange your payment details and first class

Artistic Transformation Booking Form

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Places are strictly limited 
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