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Christina’s coaching blends creativity and playfulness with a sense of clarity, focus, and purpose. Her approach helps her clients shift their energy and experience growth in every single session. Christina also dances beautifully between her clients’ big picture vision, moments of insight, and practical action steps—all needed to achieve results and create change. I would recommend Christina’s coaching to anyone who would like to have more joy, direction, or growth in their life. Christina is an outstanding coach who brings out the best in her clients

Yuki Fujio |  Empowerment Coach | Milan ITALY

The Picasso Experience What a Delight Christina's advertising for The Picasso Experience was so well done, beautiful, perfect, implementation, as a result, I chose Christina's low-priced entry upsell to VIP. Her email sequence and videos rocked, even more.

Today, my package and art supplies arrived! What a delight to receive!  the quality of the package received was epic I'm looking incredibly forward to diving into "The Picasso Experience" with you on Sunday"🤗  Congratulations! 

Kylie Hancox |  Leadership Coach | Queensland AUSTRALIA

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Xenia Davey

Henrike Schreer | Life & Business Coach

Kylie Hancox |  Leadership Coach

Trang Ho | CEO Dream Accelerator

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