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Brave & Unstoppable Membership

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Brave & Unstoppable

Because you deserve to live your very Best Creative Life 

Brave & Unstoppable is a monthly Creative Coaching Community designed, to Empower, support & uplift Carers who are caring for a loved one with a mental illness


The content is curated & delivered with passion by Christina Johns who has over 30 years as a Carer in this field, combined with professional training in personal development, life coaching, and visual arts, fine arts


When you join this beautiful inclusive community you will find, like-minded Carers to share your caring journey with, the ups & the downs, the heartbreak & the celebrations, you will be supported, uplifted & encouraged, you will learn new & different ways to look at the complex situations you face every day, & you will find a very special space where you can unfold & grow


You will learn creative ways to challenge your thinking while you make art & create memories all combined with evidence-based Life Coaching


As you learn you will start understanding how creative problem-solving can change your life, and help you to become a better Carer

As you take care of yourself, you will become a better Carer to the one that you care for, this might seem impossible to believe, but Christina will share how she navigated her caring role from a doctor's diagnosis that her son needed full-time residential care, to him now living independently, working and returning to study.


We also examine what might be holding you back, while exploring creative ways to unfold so that you can start creating and living the sort of life that you deserve


You will learn how creativity is critical in living a fully satisfied life, Creativity enables us to approach challenges from different perspectives and find unique ways to overcome obstacles. In a rapidly changing world, being able to adapt and find creative solutions is crucial for personal and professional success


Who is this program for?


Brave & Unstoppable has been designed for Carers who are overwhelmed, fatigued, fed up, tired, & exhausted!


They want something to change & they are open & willing to try something new

Brave & Unstoppable is for Carers who doubt their own greatness because they feel lost in the complicated management of the one that they care for, they feel a sense of unfulfillment deep inside, & they once held a desire to share something with the world


Brave & Unstoppable is for artists, crafters, & those who have never used a paintbrush, this community will show you how to change the way you look at life, & gift you with a way to express it creatively

If you are not an artist, that is completely ok, we will show you the power of creativity to heal & restore the beautiful magnificent person you have hidden inside


Will there be ART?

Yes there will be, classes are fun & enjoyable & the results will show you the evidence of your change


What are some of the mediums you use?


Mixed Media








You will also experience


Evidence-Based Coaching Techniques by Christina

Active Listening  & Powerful Questioning, to stimulate personal reflection, self-awareness, & critical thinking

We will set goals together & you will have the opportunity to exercise self-directed accountability

Guided visualization techniques will help you tap into your imagination & intuition

Creative Reframing will help you to explore alternative approaches to problems

Our Community container, includes, actionable supportive feedback

Art Classes

Personalized Coaching

and so much more .....


You will also be invited into a Private Facebook Group, exclusively for Brave & Unstoppable members, a sacred place to support & nurture you, a growing community to flourish & unfold


Inside Brave & Unstoppable, you will find a blended melting pot of creative inspiration, encouragement, & support, along with conversations that help us connect & support each other in lots of different ways

If you are located in Melbourne you will have the added bonus of in-person events, coming soon to Brave & Unstoppable


Each month you will join us Live on Zoom for 3 Group Coaching Calls

2 hours at the beginning of the month

1 hour check in during the middle of the month

2 hour creative art exercise to bring together all of your learnings

4pm Melbourne EDST


If you can't make the class live, you can catch up with the recording which will be available in the private Facebook group after each event.


Being part of the Brave and Unstoppable Community also gives you VIP access to any classes or events that Christina is running online or in person, you will be the first to know


Creatively being able to express what is going on in your world, & unfolding a regular artistic practice, will help you change in new ways that you have to experience to believe

You will become more empowered as a Carer to be able to cope with the overwhelm & stress that your daily life brings, you will learn how to create space for yourself so that you can refresh and be present for your family


As a qualified artist and life coach, you are in the best of hands, as Christina expertly guides you to try out new techniques & explore things you might never have thought about before


Christina's Vision for Brave & Unstoppable is for this community to become the foundation of a global membership that truly seeks to help Carers to not only survive caring but thrive as Carers 


My Mission for Brave & Unstoppable is to reach 1 million Carers & creatively support & empower them to create their very own beautiful version of what creatively living their best life means to them


You shouldn't have to wait another single moment to Be, Do & Have the kind of life that you truly love and one that allows you to grow into your own greatness and joy while also supporting those you have the responsibility of caring for

Click through below, to book a private call with Christina to discuss your options or if you already know that you want to change your life and create space to Creatively Unfold, click HERE to start your Brave & Unstoppable Membership and we will see you on the inside 

I Choose to be Brave & Unstoppable

Fill in your details below and we will send you a calender booking link so you can connect with Christina  and discuss your options

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