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Welcome to The Picasso Experience

I am so thrilled that you have signed up for my workshop and I look forward to creating with you, not only a beautiful piece of artwork but creating a space where you can start thinking in a different way about how you live your life and what sort of unconscious thoughts might be holding you back from being your very best self.
Before We Start.....
Please give yourself at least 24 hours before our class starts, to prepare and dry your background ready for us to paint on in class. Of course, if you prefer to paint on a plain white surface no prep is required. You will find everything you require below.

Christina x

Step For Success

Download the Art Supply PDF (below) and print it out
Gather all your art supplies, don't worry if you don't have exactly what you need, feel free to add your own flair to the supplies without having to go out and purchase new things
Download and open the document "Preparing your Surface"
Your background does not have to be a canvas, it can be an offcut of wood, a cardboard box, watercolor paper, it can even be a used cereal box.

Your PDF is a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare your surface, I have recorded a video that you can watch (also below)
Now you can prepare your background, do this as soon as possible to give it the longest amount of time to dry completely, it is very difficult to paint over wet PVA! The latest you can glue it and let it dry naturally is 24 hours before the class.
Gather all your supplies together the night before our class, I will send you an email reminder, clear your calendar and get ready to enjoy a great class together

No Experience Required

Please be assured that no experience is required to successfully attend this class, I have specifically designed it for you to have a wonderful and enjoyable experience while you create your very own Portrait.


Experienced artists will also enjoy the class as I step you outside of your comfort zone an into your inner child playful zone.

We will draw our inspiration from the beauty of Picasso's distorted faces, as we embark on creating our own version of uniqueness and bumpy bits.

Art is only part of The Picasso Experience, Christina will share her evidence-based coaching techniques and mindset questions throughout the class that will quite possibly turn your life around.

_Picasso Lesson 1.jpg
Supply pdf Image.png

Click the Images above to access the documents we have prepared for you

Picasso Background.png


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