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Thursday, 25th May 

6.30pm to 10.30PM

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When you come to the live event on Thursday 25th May and participate in the class, you will receive from me a FREE Strategy Call Valued at $300 

Time to gather your art supplies & enjoy a relaxing evening with Christina, while you create your very own portrait in her signature Masterclass, The Picasso Experience.

Valued at over $495 this FREE Masterclass includes over 4 hours of content as you explore what might be holding you back from your own greatness as you paint your own portrait.

If you are wondering if this class is for you, please read on.

Are you holding yourself back from Greatness because you do not think you have the skills or experience to do what it takes to succeed in whatever you have chosen to do?

How supported would you feel if you were empowered to believe in yourself, while you are painting your own portrait?

Would you consider yourself as non-creative? Maybe you struggle to hold a pencil or draw a straight line. If this sounds like you, you will fit right into this class, if you can hold a pencil you can paint your own portrait and you needn't worry about how it will turn out because I will show you how to do it.

Do you consider yourself an established artist? You are in luck, I have designed this class, especially with you in mind, how do you feel about trying something creatively new?

If there was nothing holding you back from doing what you loved, and you were unstoppable, what would be the very first thing you would do for yourself?

Your Webinar Agenda

Thursday 25th May 2023
6.30pm to 10.30pm

 Welcome & Overview
Welcome to The Picasso Experience,
Overview of what you will  learn today

What is holding you back
from Greatness?

What is holding you back from being the "most" in a room?
The most beautiful, most experienced, most valuable, 
the most... you fill in the blank. What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of?
Your heart's desire matters, what might be holding you back from enjoying a life that you truly love & enjoy?

Painting our Portrait

Insights while we create
Regular Art Classes teach you how to paint, or draw,
but an Art class with Christina is filled with so much more.
While I teach you step-by-step how to paint your own portrait, insightful conversations will help you will gain new insights, tips, and realizations about yourself, we will even explore how to embrace your own imperfections 

Sneak Peek?
When you turn up you bring your Brave, I will give you an opportunity to peek inside my Signature program,  Brave & Unstoppable. This signature program helps you to become whom you want to become Creatively, Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

Mini Break
Time to take a toilet break, or wiggle in your chair and have a stretch

Painting & Detailing
Finishing your portrait adding in all the details

 Gallery Exhibition
We will wrap up our class with a Gallery exhibition of all of your beautiful artwork 
Please note, we often go over time as we get carried
away with our creativity and sharing, this part of the program is an
 optional bonus, and we fully understand if you need to leave on time.

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Creative Portrait Art Class

Welcome to The Picasso Experience, we are going to create a beautiful piece of artwork and learn how to be Brave, even if you cannot draw or have never painted before.


Do you know how beautiful you are? just the way you are? in this class, you will learn how to paint a portrait of yourself, and I will also show you how to embrace your own uniqueness.

We will also talk about how you become the "most" in whatever the "most" is to you.

We will also explore what might be holding you back from being your very best self.


What is Brave & Unstoppable
Picasso Screen Photo.JPG

We all have stories that we tell ourselves

They are layered imperfections that we wear on the inside

Is one of these stories holding you back from being Unstoppable? As we paint, our conversation will be rich with seeds of how we can become who we always imagined we could be

Creating Art is all about joy, release, fun & letting your inner child out to play, this class will embrace all of this and so much more.

Insights while we Create

Even if you have never painted or drawn before, step by step I will hold your hand as you create your own unique portrait.

If you are a seasoned artist, there is so much room for you to explore a new way of creating using a technique that I have developed that gives you the freedom to express your creativity with unexpected and beautiful results.


Whether you are a seasoned artist or a person who has the desire to create but thinks that you have no ability, you will be welcomed into this class. You will find that some bits will challenge you to press outside of your boundaries, but rest assured I will help you to push past your doubts, and I can assure you that it will be worth every moment. The Picasso experience is a special place where you can completely let go of your inner critic and enjoy the freedom of creativity.

Stop building walls and start stepping into your own Greatness, you are so much more amazing than you realize.

You don't know what you don't know, let me share some of my best secrets to help you unlock the silent whisperings that have been long held, unspoken inside.

Maria Picasso Testamony.PNG

Every great Coach has a great Coach as support, because we all need guidance and help!! 

Tonight...OMG I had an amazing Art Coaching class with Christina Johns in which I discovered so much about me...things started to pop up as popcorns out of my brain!!  

So many revelations and “aha” moments I had during this fun, interactive and “hands on” workshop! 

It’s called The Picasso Experience and it is AWESOME!

Thank you Christina!!! Looking forward to work with you again really soon 


The feedback? 

They said it looked like a Boss Lady (the lady that said that does not follow me, met me for the very first time knowing anything right?) well yeah!! 

This is the subconscious projected in you body language through painting haha!!! 

It does not lie!!

Maria Lopez

"Thank you for the amazing experience this morning, I am so glad I joined. I am still in the magic that you created for me. There was a moment when I started that I was going to give up and something clicked, I forgot about everything, Thank you for bringing out the child in my heart This is exactly how I like painting, no rules, total freedom....."

Jolanta Debek-Kozyra


 This is For You If YOU...

Hold on, Let me be totally honest with you, this class has been designed for the person who wants to try something exciting and new, and has been especially designed for you to step into a different way of painting and learning about yourself

You can be a qualified artist to join this class and you will have as much fun as someone who can't draw a stick figure to look like anything more than a straight-up stick.

In this class, I will help you with some of your "why's" why you do things in a certain way, & why you don't do other things at all.

This class is for curious humans which means you can bring your kids and your husband, your wife, or your partner along to join in the fun, everyone is welcome, and everyone is included. The youngest we have shared the room with was only 6 years old and she did a fabulous job and didn't doubt herself for a moment. 

If you want more fun in your life along with a few gentle reminders on how to live life more fully, then you are in the right place.

I can't wait to meet you, teach you, and share some time with you .


Desert Lion_edited.jpg

It's hard to be Brave.
Life serves up many challenges but when you are in the right room with the right people, you can become Unstoppable!


This class is for curious humans, who not only want to learn how to paint a portrait, but who also enjoy learning about who they are

Looking in the Mirror.png

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what you saw? or wanted to change something, or move something or be somebody else?

So I have just watched this amazing woman Christina Johns

and her proud Son Ash rock the world's of amazing women attending the Picasso Experience

Well done to everyone who attended.

If you want to know more and incorporate your messy and bright bits together reach out to Christina who is scheduled to run another amazing class next month



Meet Your Trainer

Christina is the Founder & Creative Director of Coaching The Artist Way, a business dedicated to creating artistic opportunities that help people unfold their own creative potential, change their mindset, and live a life they love


Christina is a Therapeutic Artist and Transformational Life Coach, serving private clients, and NDIS participants

Christina's business experiences include online retail, training development & delivery, a physical retail store & local community activities including developing and launching a successful Community Market. She has had many years of experience in small business start-ups & marketing, and in her private life she is also a Peer Support Advocate & Carer with over 30 years of experience in the Mental Health Field. Being close to her heart, she believes we must stop the stigma surrounding mental-related illnesses

Christina uniquely combines Therapeutic Art and evidence-based Coaching to bring her clients a fresh new experience that facilitates recognizable change from the inside out.

If you desire significant change, prefer to do things differently and you like to play while you learn then Christina is the right Transformational Coach for you.

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